Jade Francis

Earth Week has become exciting as Cape Cod Community College (4Cs) is putting on plenty of college-wide events that anyone can join. Multiple clubs have planned these Earth Week events, as well as inviting guest speakers.

Orchard club decided to host Earth Week events, not only to promote knowledge, but to possibly plant an interest in the club for some people. Many of Orchard clubs’ current members will be graduating at the end of this spring, and ideally the club will live on with new members to care for the orchard that will be instituted at 4Cs on May 3rd.

“A company called ReTreeUs, they’re doing an event on Monday of Earth Week, is the company that’s sponsoring giving us the trees,” said Savannah O’Brien, the secretary of the Orchard Club. Since ReTreeUs is involved with the process of starting the 4Cs orchard, they will be giving a presentation regarding what they do as a company on Monday, April 19th at 12pm EST.

On Tuesday, the Orchard Club is hosting a Clean Up Earth Day challenge. To win a hand dyed tee shirt by the Orchard Club, students must send a picture of trash they cleaned up from the environment. The person with the most trash collected wins. Additionally, at 6pm EST, the Dear Universe club is welcoming Alicia Mathewson to speak about different forms of energy healing.

Keli Gates, affectionately known as Swan, will be presenting information about herbalism at 12pm EST on Wednesday. That evening, at 6pm EST, the ALANA club is hosting an Environmentalism and Social Justice discussion. The topic will revolve around how certain actions impact our planet and disproportionately influence people of color, low-income families, and more. Various speakers with indigenous and/or knowledgeable backgrounds will be present.

Thursday brings a horticulture and agriculture presentation by two 4Cs professors: Catherine Etter and Russell Norton. Norton will also discuss common plant diseases and pesticides, especially in regards to the trees that will be planted at the college. This event will take place at 12pm EST as well.

On Friday, Swan is holding a “mushroom foraging workshop.” This will consist of learning identification techniques for mushrooms as well as which are safe to ingest. The workshop will be held at 9:30am EST.

“That’s something that we want to do basically every year to keep up a tradition; Every year is going to be different events,” O’Brien said on behalf of the Orchard Club. “To have that every year is the legacy piece of everything we’re doing.” They also wish to gain more interest from other clubs to put on events for Earth Week in the next coming years.

Zoom links for all the Earth Week events have been sent out in an email from Asher Hamilton on Monday the 19th.