by Jade Francis

Spring break proved to be an excellent time to charge my body’s energy in the delightful weather. Feeling the warm sun engulf my body after such a long time of stagnant darkness made me feel giddy like a little girl again. The sharp cold of winter left me feeling vulnerable and weak. I always confide in my trusted friend, the sun, to pick me up in the Spring and help me regain my strength. Pure isolation caused my body to crave the heat of love and excitement.

The nuts and bolts in my body loosened with every step I took outside. My rusted parts shone like glistening gold in the bright light. Like a butterfly finally free of its cocoon, I explored my surroundings in a rejuvenated haze. I cherished the nature I observed while my feet guided me to where I needed to go. My aura spread feet away from my body in vivid pastel colors. Positive energy vivaciously vibrated off of me and expanded to all my surrounding nature. With a cheeky smile plastered on my face I ventured on with my illuminated soul.

As I inhaled the delicate air into my lungs, any negative energy stored within myself was dispelled. My mind slowed and I limited my thoughts to the present. I felt rooted to the earth as all my ancestors once walked this path. A cordial presence sat around me while I felt truly safe. The sun wouldn’t fail me. The sun kept me secure. Spring lifted me into the clouds.