by Victoria Clementino

The tips of spirituality’s form are seemingly sensitive, given their moments of inclusivity and/or exclusivity; minute stars of information in the possession of some contribute to this. To stimulate these stars, the members of Cape Cod Community College’s (4Cs) Dear Universe Club are always looking to take in these maturing lights for a bright journey. This universe within the 4Cs community has and continues to be a twinkling pool of trust and faith between every old and young member. “We wanted to connect people striving to learn more about spirituality,” said Frankie Lilly, the co-founder of the club.

Lilly, alongside Jade Francis, the club’s president, has always sought to help everyone heal through the growth of their spirituality. The two have noticed that as the number of members increases, the quantity of positive response has similarly captured this flow. “As a beginner,” said Callie Larsen, a novel member, “it was scary to get into a topic I had no knowledge of, but everyone was so welcoming and made me feel like I was able to learn.” Spirituality consists of more obscure facets as well, such as tarot card readings, chakras, and reiki healing. “Learning about alternate or holistic healings can open many doors to people who have had a difficult past with the more traditional healing methods that are prescribed,” said Francis. Francis’ vision for the club is to expand its existing glints to create safety and curiosity. “I want to gain as many members who have an interest in spirituality so that the club can live on when I leave 4Cs. We all want to share what we continue to learn as we go on with our spiritual journeys.”

Tara Riley, the club’s advisor, feels that the club has a connective charm about it. “I thought it was a group of very approachable students and everyone was very welcoming,” said Riley. She encourages everyone to join, as it is undoubtedly universal. “I would say no matter where some is on their journey… it’s just complementary and beneficial to be a part of something like this.” One is able to discover the positive and negative orbits of spirituality and identity. The members speak deeply about any concerns, looking for new techniques on any matters that are related to astrology or spirituality. For example, the surface of astrology is incredibly two dimensional. Once talked about, there are many layers to astrology, relating to facial structure and other placements in birth charts. All members of the club offer distinct, glimmering orbits of experience and knowledge, which makes research and expansion quite simple. If one would like to receive knowledge and safety regarding a spiritual avenue, one should consider the current rotations of the Dear Universe club. As of now, the club meets every Monday from 2-3pm via Zoom. Many soulful bodies are in need of spiritual systems, such as this 4Cs club; consider all the potential of participation.