By Matthew Tomlinson

This spring semester, Ethan Hansen, the president of the Orchard Club, has discussed a recent slew of developments surrounding the club’s efforts to bring an Orchard to Cape Cod Community College’s (4Cs) grounds. Not only has the club had its optimal location near the soccer fields approved, but efforts have already begun to introduce wood chips, cardboard and dirt to the allotted soil in a process called sheet mulching.

Proponents of recycling may be thrilled to learn that the Orchard Club used wood chips made from trees that had to be removed in the construction of the new science facility, in accordance with their motto to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” “They were pulling up a bunch of trees to make way,” said Hansen, “so we saw that and said ‘Hey! If you’re going to kill all these trees why don’t we grind them up and use them for the Orchard!’ So, we had all this freshly ground up Oak and Maple which is really good for what we are trying to do. We’d rather not see these trees go, but if they have to then lets at least use them.”

The date to begin planting has been set for the third of May, which falls on a Monday. In addition, the Orchard Club is making plans to have biannual events for Earth week in April and “Harvest Week” in the Fall. Hansen views these events as the provider of a pure pulse for the club’s operation — the “heartbeat.” The events will feature workshops aimed at promoting sustainability and community. “We’re trying to build a foundation for the future,” said Hansen, “and have earth week be a big thing at 4C’s. We want it to be what gets everyone excited. We’re trying to promote this idea and have it be how we get not just students involved, but faculty and staff as well.”

Graduating in May, Hansen has displayed enthusiasm for a club that has seen its membership grow. “This club, we’re getting more and more members. I’m graduating in May, so I’m leaving, but I’m watching the other students take this over. I’m becoming less and less relevant, as they are coming up with their own ideas and making their own connections. It’s really cool to see other people as enthusiastic as I am about this. I genuinely feel that if I left tomorrow that this would be in good hands and that it’s a really good thing that we’re doing.”

The club is currently looking for help in designing its logo. They are cordially inviting all students to submit ideas for consideration. The Orchard Club can be easily reached by visiting their group page on CampusWeb or by contacting Ethan Hansen via the school email. “We’re all about the arts and aesthetics. If you have an idea, put it out there to us,” Hansen said. “Community, sustainability and legacy, that’s our motto. What does it mean to you? If you’re an artist and you want to be involved, we want to see everyone’s ideas.”