by Victoria Clementino

I’ve always enjoyed the colorful mutation of leaves and the entrance of a crisp chill during the colder months. I never imagined a reality where I would be wearing a mask through the autumnal scenery, but it didn’t affect my love for fall. As I slip out of reality into my thoughts, my mind almost always gets the best of me and my emotions inevitably crinkle like the leaves around me. Through this fall of stable sentimental pigmentation, I’ve learned that music in any form or genre can be healing to the mind and soul. For many others like me, music itself is a relief from our everyday lives. For me it made my life seem a little smoother because I had also been working when the pandemic initially hit all of us.

Music makes my walks and time on the road feel like they are dateless and endless. It allows for a break during busy workdays or overwhelming school assignments. Many artists can also use music as a subtle remedy or therapy like Jhene Aiko. Her music includes elements that can aid in healing mental illnesses. Imagine music as an oasis in a desert under the weight of all the heat and there is nothing there for enjoyment nor beauty.

There are songs that tell stories along with lyrics that can help one to heal from emotional trauma. They croon that no one is truly alone in this world. In that way, music brings people together, which is another reason for music being my favorite choice of healing.