By Austin Fierley

This past week was an important week for many people, in particular Veterans of America because both Veterans Day and the Marine Corps. Birthday was in the same week. In honor of both days I chose to watch a series made and dedicated to one of the most courageous group of soldiers from company E. The importance of this group besides taking part in the campaign of liberating France and Germany in Important places such as Munich, but the group the show centers its focus on is made up of native Americans, Mexicans, African American, and white all United in one group.

The story tells of how they met and began their journey. Unfortunately, a lot of these men died along the way as a result of war. It is a great story and pretty accurate and historical in facts, the one thing that may dismay a viewer is the style. It’s an animated graphic style novel which means it’s animated and drawn to be as real as you can get without using people besides their voices. However in my opinion, I still give it a ten out of ten rating because I love history.  

As a veteran, I appreciate the story of these brave men and what they did for this country. Although, in this period of time if you were a minority such as a Mexican or Native American you couldn’t even drink at the same bar or be counted as equals to most of the world despite that they still fought for this country and everyone in it. For me, I relate to a few instances in this series, so I appreciate it more than most. I would suggest if someone views it, give it a chance before dismissal because of the style of art it’s made in and to remember the sacrifice of the brave men and women like this group. These individuals even today still serve our country and give up everything including their own freedom and rights just so the rest of us can do and speak as we please. To think of what might have changed had we not had these brave men or many like them to defend us whether in the past or present.