By Gianna Pollock

How was your transition from being town administrator to being VP for Finance at Cape Cod Community College (4C’s)?

“The transition has been very smooth in terms of skills. I am learning the nuances of Community College finances and operations.”

What motivated you to leave the town government and come here to 4C’s?

“I have spent my entire career in public administration for Towns and wanted to try something else. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity and I love it!”

When did you officially take over the job?

“June 10, 2020.”

What have you learned since taking on the job?

“A deeper understanding of Community College culture, organization and finances. I love the interaction with people. Much more proficient in Zoom!”

What is your favorite part about the job? Least favorite?

“My favorite part of the job is the challenge of learning new skills and the people are great. The least favorite is always all the paperwork. I look forward to the time when all students can return. I think it will add to the vitality of the campus.”

How has Covid-19 changed the financial position of 4C’s? Is it weaker or stronger than in March? 

“We are so far surviving Covid impacts but it offers many challenges.”

How are we doing financially compared to other Community Colleges and four-year schools? Do you think budget cuts or layoffs are looming for 4C’s and other community colleges?

“I think that we are in dealing well under the circumstances with the challenges. Each Community College has its own challenges and cannot comment overall. The State Universities have even greater challenges as they have the Residence Hall in addition to the Academic Program.”